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A Typical Week at Nursery

A Typical Week in Nursery

In the Nursery we focus on a new topic each term (every 6-7 weeks). We then use this over arching topic to make weekly themes. Each week we focus on a story that is related to our weekly theme. We then focus our learning around this weekly theme. 



Our Morning Timetable

Our Afternoon Timetable

Special Snack: We learn to make a new recipe together each week and then try our food together during snack-time. 


Story and Rhyme Time: We focus on a story and a rhyme for a week. We learn to follow the story, retell the story and act out the story. We also have this story available in our reading area to engage in play with our friends. 


Magic Maths: We focus on a new maths concept each week and focus on this for a week to help develop our knowledge, skill and confidence. 


Squiggle: In Squiggle we learn to develop our gross and fine motor skills. We also learn how to draw a range of different marks, this helps to develop our drawing and writing skills. 


Dough Disco: In Dough Disco we learn to develop the muscles and dexterity in our hands. We make finger dances with dough and dance along to music, this helps to develop our fine motor skills and pencil grip.


Phonics: We focus on a new phonics skill each week. We play games to develop our speaking, understanding and listening skills. We learn all the Phase 1 Phonics skills to develop lots of pre-reading and pre-writing skills.