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Welcome to the land of Fairy Tales!


We would like you to complete one of the activities below each day


They focus on:

- Positional language

- Number bonds to 10

- Addition to 20

- Ordering numbers to 20

- New 2D shapes!

Please choose one activity each day. There are more activities than you need, so choose your favourites!

Positional Language - Hansel and Gretel Can You Find?

Sweets Sorting Activity

Week 4 Maths


Ordering Billy goats

Can you order the Billy goats by size? 

Encourage talk that compares size such as medium, larger, smaller, taller, shorter, wider, narrower


Caterpillar length

Can you cut out the caterpillars and arrange/ sort them using the headings provided on the sheet ?

Don’t forget to keep using your comparative talk to describe how they are being sorted.


Length PowerPoint

Look through the PowerPoint and use it as a discussion point as to why we measure length and maybe you can springboard into talks about how we measure using standard measures too?

Week 5: Maths



Using the “ in the garden” sheet , why not use comparative language to compare if an object is near or far, high or low?


Telling the time:

Using the sheets provided , why not build upon the children’s magic maths where they have been using o’clock to tell the time?


Baby bear time:

What time does baby bear do all of his routine things throughout the day?

Weeks 6 and 7 The Frog Prince

Can you use your positional vocabulary to describe where the objects are in the picture?

The Frog Prince Sequencing

Can you cut out the pictures, jumble them up  . . . and then put the story in the correct order?

Telling the Time Half Past Powerpoint

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems