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On our Christmas Newsletter we gave an example of a question  from the National Primary Maths Challenge

This term, some our our Year 5 and Year 6 mathematicians took part in the National Primary Maths Challenge, organised by the Mathematical Association. The challenge comprised of 25 very tricky maths questions, to answer in 45 minutes. The children approached the challenge with aspiration and enthusiasm and we are incredibly proud of them all! We hope to have some children go through to the next stage of the competition in February.

Have a look below for an example problem the children had to solve!


The floor of Milo's rectangular bedroom is completely covered in square carpet tiles. When he measures the room in tiles he finds it is 11 tiles long and 8 tiles wide. 


How many carpet tiles do NOT touch the walls? 

A. 34

B. 38

C. 50

D. 54