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Meet the Foundation Stage 2 Team

Mrs Biddiscombe

Foundation Leader and Reception Class Teacher

All about me.

I was born in London and moved to Wales when I was 7, where I learnt to speak Welsh.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and I even organised my friends into “learning groups” in our playtimes at school!

I have one daughter, Poppy, who also attends East Wichel Primary School. She will be returning into Year 6 in September.

Poppy and I love to sing, dance and cook our way through the day.                          

I like to  work out and go to the theatre to watch shows with my family and friends, in my opinion you cannot beat live music and theatre!

What I have done during lockdown?

I have enjoyed spending time with my family and going for sunny walks and catching up on reading good books. 

I have spent lots of time meeting with the senior leadership team over lockdown to develop plans to ensure all the children were safe returning to school.

I have learnt to bake new exciting cake recipes and have learnt to become better at archery!


Miss Francis
Scotland Class Teacher

All about me . . .
I was in born in Somerset and have lived in Wiltshire, Winchester and London . . . London is my most favourite place!
I have two dogs, a cat and also a rabbit. They are all lovely, but always up to mischief!
My favourite things are London, the number 15 London bus, reading, going to the theatre, my little dog Milly, Cornwall and I really love chocolate cake (particularly for breakfast)!
What I have done during lockdown ? 
I have spent a lot of time in my garden; painting, planting and telling the slugs and ants to stop eating my lovely plants!
I have also been on some lovely walks to places where I used to live.
I’ve done some baking too and am still trying to perfect sourdough bread!


Mrs Domm

Teaching Assistant for Reception.


All about me.

I was born in Swindon and still live in the area.

I used to be a Project Manager before I decided I would like to train as a Teaching
Assistant.  I started at the school in February.

I have two daughters, Charlotte and Robyn who keep me on my toes, they both love dancing and gymnastics and I am often found ferrying them around!

I have three pets, a cat called Poppy and two guinea pigs called Archie and Alfie.

I like to do yoga and Pilates and last year I joined Nationwide ladies cricket team but we’ve had to play virtually this year.

What I have done during lockdown?

I have enjoyed spending time with my family and going for nice walks and bike rides. 


We have also had a weekly themed scarecrow trail where we live and we’ve had a good time making these - a Forkie (Toy Story 4) and a bus driver being two of the best ones we have done. 


The girls and I also learnt how to make salt ‘playdough’ it came out a bit sticky but we will keep practicing! 


Mrs McGregor

Early Years Teaching Assistant

All about me 
I was born in Twickenham and moved to Oxfordshire in the late 80’s.
I married Mr McGregor in 1994 and we have lived in Europe within the Armed
forces community.
In 2005 I started working for service children’s education in Germany and I
have been passionate about children’s learning ever since.
We settled in Swindon in 2011. Where I then started working at East
Wichel School. We have three boys and a Beagle.
Family time is at the top of the list, our holidays are always action packed.

What I have done during lockdown?
I have used IT more in the last nine weeks than I have all year! 
I have found fun challenges for the children in Reception to complete at home and made some video clips.
I have really enjoyed seeing and commenting on the work children have sent in from home.
Completed a Paediatric First Aid Course.
I am currently completing a diploma in Speech and Language.
Run School of Mum each day! Enjoyed playing lots of games, dance routines,
and singing with my family. Not forgetting weekly quiz nights with my extended family! and I painted a masterpiece in my hallway!!

Miss Algeo

Teaching Assistant for Reception.


All about me

I was born and lived in Northern Ireland for the first 18 years of my life!

I went to University in Chester and then worked abroad and learnt how to ski!

I have worked with young children for a long time in lots of different places and even trained in something called Montessori teaching.

I have lived in Swindon for 5 years and worked at East Wichel since then! I love living in Swindon and visiting the outlet and walking along the canal.


What I have done during lockdown?

During lockdown I have also been doing some home learning about how children learn.

I have got creative and made quite a few crochet characters!