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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April




We hope you have had a lovely holiday and a good rest. We have missed you and are looking forward to seeing what you are getting up to at home. We have already seen that some of you had very busy Easter holidays!



We have added a new handwriting activity to focus on this term. This is outlined in the new Knowledge Organiser, along with the RWI guidance documents to help you. Just 10 minutes handwriting practice a day can make the world of difference, especially in readiness for Year 1.


Change of RWI Timetable

This term there is an addition to the Read, Write, Inc. timetable: 


Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2.00pm

There is  a new Storytime session. The stories are read by Nick Cannon, who is a trained actor, teacher and trainer and a ‘wonderful storyteller’, and will be films of well-loved stories.


General Writing Opportunities

We will still be continuing with our Friendship Letters, but will also be posting other writing ideas, in our Writing Idea of the Day section, linked to our topic; whilst also promoting the skills of:

  • Using some spellings correctly in their writing
  • Starting to write longer polysyllabic words in their writing e.g. butterfly
  • Starting to develop a wider range of writing styles such as recount writing, instructions, story writing.


As always there have been daily updates made in the Science , Maths, Art and Crafts and Story sections for you to enjoy.


Miss Francis and Mrs McGregor


P.S. This week the theme for Dough Disco is Pirates!