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Monday 29th June

Monday 29th June


Hello !

You have just stunned us with your amazing Three billy goats bridges and work along with showing us your competitive streaks in the rainbow games! The teachers in Early Years have also been getting very competitive too! Look out for the winning house below!


Today’s assembly

Mrs Phillips has made a though provoking assembly to enjoy today working on our 10 things to help us be good human beings…. Perseverance.

You will also find the link to this assembly in the assemblies tab J


Guidance for Read Write Inc Phonics at Home

Please use the Speed Sounds and Spelling lessons each day. You will find them on the Ruth Miskin page on YouTube.

From 1st June, all films will be available from 9.30am.

  • Mrs Biddiscombe’s Group Set 3
  • Miss Algeo’s Group Set 3 
  • Miss Francis’ Group Set 3 
  • Mrs McGregor’s Group Set 3 
  • Miss Barlow’s Group Set 3 

Remember that there are also new daily reading films. As the Speed Sounds and Spelling lessons are already 30 minutes long (in total), we suggest that you do the reading films but we would not say that you must do them. (Although they are only about 3 minutes long). 

The films are:

  • Read Red Words 1 (for all children) 
  • Read Longer Words (for children who can read Set 3 sounds and words confidently)

At you will find the 'Read Write Inc Phonics Guide for Parents. Here you will also find other helpful parent videos.


Hold a sentence

Don’t forget to check out the daily hold a sentence RWI videos. Many of you have already tried them out to great success.


Rainbow games

And the winning house is...........



Picture 1

Congratulations to everyone in Lydiard who took part!


It honestly was a very closely fought Games!  To make it fair we worked out the average score for each house and the results were:


Lydiard 36.45

Shaw 36.41

Barbury 31.2

Coate 30


But wherever your team came, if you took part you should be really proud of your efforts, especially in the heat and the most important thing was that you had lots of fun along the way.  We certainly enjoyed seeing what you had all been up to.


Certificates will be given out to all those who participated either at school or for those at home, through a message on Dojo.  Please give us some time to get these sorted - we will get them to you as quickly as possible.


Mrs Ash and Miss Hardy


Word of the day : Scared


Worker of the day: Isla

Check it out below.


Have a great evening and we look forward to seeing your work tomorrow.

Miss Francis, Mrs McGregor and Miss Plank.

Worker of the day

Worker of the day 1 Isla made a card for her grandad!