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Monday 30th March



We hope you had a good weekend and found some fun things to do. 

You already seem to be working hard this week and we've enjoyed seeing the activities that you have been doing. Lots of you have enjoyed learning about floating and sinking today and we've also seen some good money number work. well done! Remember, if you would like to be one of the 'Superstar Workers of the Week' you need to post to the ILD every day.

Please remember that we have set the challenge of every child having at least one photo or work sample uploaded to the ILD each day. 


As usual we have made our daily updates in the following areas: Art and Crafts, Maths, Science and Stories. There is also a new section called 'Writing Idea of the Day' which looks exciting!


Finally, please remember it is really important that Read, Write Inc phonics continues as much as possible each day.

Please use the Speed Sounds lessons each day. Speed Sounds Set 1 (Mrs Biddiscombe's group) is at 9.30am and Speed Sounds Set 2 (Miss Algeo, Miss Francis, Mrs McGregor and Miss Barlow's groups) is at 10.00am. They can be found at and . This is the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel.

At you will find the 'Read Write Inc Phonics Guide for Parents. Here you will also find other helpful parent videos

As I mentioned last week, Oxford Owl for Home have made more Read, Write Inc resources available for you to use at home. This makes Read, Write Inc so much easier for you! There are now 30 eBooks, 62 Speed Sounds Practice Sheets, 8 Speedy Green Word Slideshows, 2 Parent Information booklet, and 28 Ditty Sheets. Choose books relevant to the set your child is in, but of course, if you find that they are reading them very confidently move onto the next set. At school we practice one book for 3 days before moving to the next one,


Miss Francis