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Thursday 2nd April


Well done everyone, you were all super busy yesterday! It is so lovely seeing so many different ideas being done at home. Learning is at its best when it is through play. This way, you don't even realise that you are learning. Keep up the hard work. There are a few children that we still haven't heard from yet, it would be so nice to see everyone learning at home before the Easter break.


Over Easter, I will give you some fun challenges to try at home as well as stories and songs, but please DO NOT feel pressured to observe daily like we are at the moment. The most important thing is to enjoy time together as a family. If you want to share any photographs or videos, please send one observation at the end of the week as a summary. I  will also be logging off and enjoying family time. I will check the ILD once a week and will respond then. 


Easter is all about having fun with family and .... of course eating chocolate! (We all know that I am a chocoholic!)


Happy Thursday everyone!


Mrs Fabian

Some more fantastic home learning!

Some more fantastic home learning! 1
Some more fantastic home learning! 2
Some more fantastic home learning! 3
Some more fantastic home learning! 4
Some more fantastic home learning! 5
Some more fantastic home learning! 6
Some more fantastic home learning! 7
Some more fantastic home learning! 8

Wednesday 1st April


Good morning everyone,


I hope you are all well and are staying safe at home. 


I have been out for a run this morning and have also completed a Joe Wick workout. What are you doing to stay fit and healthy?



I have updated my today. Below I have shared lots of your fab home learning. Keep an eye on here, I will be sharing more of your home learning with your friends again soon. 


I have also uploaded some more songs and stories. There are now two stories and two songs for you to enjoy at home. We will be adding new video links each day. (


Have a great day everyone!

Mrs Fabian :)

Mrs Careswell

Still image for this video
Mrs Careswell tried to video you all a new story today, but her little had a different idea! Haha

Mrs Careswell says 'Hello' and that she misses you all.

Tuesday 31st March

Wow Nursery! You have totally amazed me today. So many of you are working so hard at home trying some of the home learning challenges as well as creating your own. I have seen lots of building, name writing, artwork, baking, stories, shape hunts and exploring outdoors so far this week.


We have had lots of feedback today about our story and rhyme time videos, we are so glad that you are enjoying them. We will continue to add a new video each day. Mrs Palmenter and I have filmed lots more today with an Easter theme for you to enjoy next week.


I have also had lots of you taking part in ‘Word of the day’ at home. I am loving all your feedback and your own sentence using the word. Charley has been talking about the word ‘devour’ saying "cos I like chicken nuggets, then I eat them all up quickly in one bite and that’s devour!" Maisie-Mae has been learning the word ‘hungry’ saying “It makes her think of cake and biscuits when she’s hungry and I asked her how she felt and she said sick when she’s hungry”.


Below are some of the fantastic home learning opportunities your friends have been doing so far this week. I look forward to seeing more of your work tomorrow.


Mrs Fabian :)




Fantastic Home Learning Everyone!

Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 1
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 2
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 3
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 4
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 5
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 6
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 7
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 8
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 9
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 10
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 11
Fantastic Home Learning Everyone! 12

Friday 27th March

Firstly, what an amazing week of weather we have had!


Well done to everyone who has been sharing their learning from home this week. All of the Nursery staff have enjoyed looking at all of your photos and leaving comments. You have all been super busy. I have seen lots of children matching the rhyming pairs, writing their name, going in shape hunts, joining in with exercise and so much more!


The Superstar Workers of the week this week are.... Megan and Maisie-Mae!!


Both of these girls have posted photographs everyday and have tried Mrs Fabian's weekly challenges as well as making up lots of their own. Well done girls, keep up the hard work!


Our learning next week is all about the Little Red Hen.

I will be uploading all of the challenges for next week in a folder called 'Little Red Hen' under our 'Home Learning' tab. Here you will find creative ideas, a maths challenge, the story and so much more! I can't wait to see all of your photos next week. 


From Monday, the Early Years team will be putting a video a day of us sharing nursery rhymes or a story with you. You can find these under the 'Home Learning' tab and in a folder called 'Nursery Rhymes and Stories'. 


All of the Nursery staff and missing you lots. 

Keep well, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!


Mrs Fabian :)



Thursday 26th March


Wow everyone, I am super proud of you all. 


Sorry if I haven't got back to you yet this week, I have been in school. There are so many fantastic observations. I am making my way through them, writing comments back and linking their work directly to their assessments. Hopefully the ILD parent app will be up and running smoothly again soon, this will make communication a lot quicker. 

I will be adding some more links and ideas to our website page later today. I have even been braving the Joe Wick workouts every morning to keep healthy. I hope you are being healthy and managing to ensure the sunshine too. 


Keep up to date and see lots of ideas to try at home using: 

Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing photos and videos soon. 


Mrs Fabian

Making rainbows to share positivity, happiness and comunity spirit

Making rainbows to share positivity, happiness and comunity spirit 1
Making rainbows to share positivity, happiness and comunity spirit 2

Wednesday 25th March

Today at school we made rainbows to share positivity and hope. We used water colours, pompoms, feathers and collage. If you would like to make one for your window, there are plenty outside of school for you to take home. What will be decorate your rainbow with?

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Interactive Learning Diary- Technical Issues

Good Morning all, we hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. We understand that there are some technical difficulties at the moment with parents receiving comments back from teachers from observations made on the ILD. We apologise for this inconvenience. We have been in contact with the ILD team and it should be fixed by the end of the week. In the mean-time, we will respond to parents via the school text app. A new parents app for the ILD should be released at the end of the week and should resolve all issues.


Early Years are slightly different to the rest of the school who are using Class GoJo as all of your observations can be linked directly to learning assessments as part of your child's portfolio.


If you have any further difficulties, please leave a message using the 'contact us' section on your child's class page of the website and we will respond as soon as possible.


Thank you, Mrs Fabian