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Mrs McGregors ocean depth activity

One of the challenges this week is to look at the Ocean! 

I have been looking at how deep the sea is 'the depth'. The further down you go towards the bottom of the sea 'the sea bed' the darker and 'murky' it becomes. This is because the light from the sun is not strong enough to reach the sea bed. There are lots of sea life and creatures in the depth of the sea that I didn't know much about! 

I made my own ocean showing the different zones: 
Zone 1: Sunlight (top)
Zone 2: Twilight (middle)
Zone 3: Midnight (bottom)
Then I researched the Ocean Habitat and drew some ocean life.

What could you use to research the depths of our Oceans?
You could then have a go at printing, drawing, painting, collage or even gathering household objects and making a scene on the floor! 

I know how imaginative you all are so fun investigating.
Mrs McGregor and the FS team.