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Coronavirus update – School closure to most pupils

Dear Parents/Carers


We are sure that you all are aware of the Government announcement regarding school closures.

East Wichel School will therefore be closed from the end of the day on Friday 20th March for the vast majority of children.

We know that many children will be anxious about the school closing: it is therefore very important that we adults, both us in school and you at home, do our best to keep our own worries and concerns from them. I know how difficult this is for all of us, but it is important. 


There was some general information shared yesterday by Boris Johnson regarding school being available for Key Workers children.  We are awaiting Government details about who is classed as Key Workers before we can confirm the position for East Wichel. We are committed to doing everything we can to support our important frontline workers to tackle this crisis.


If you fall into the category (to be announced later) our understanding is that this service will only be available for key worker parents who would be prevented from undertaking their vital work if this service was not available to them.


We will therefore be anticipating providing childcare for those key workers who do not live in a household with any other adults able to look after their children (as has been asked of every household in the country by the Government).


For example, we will provide childcare for:

  1. A single parent key worker
  2. Both parents being key workers.

When we have the list of Key Workers from the Government, we will forward it to you. If you believe that you fall into the category and will require this service, we will then ask you to contact us. We already know that the term Key Workers will include those who work in:

  • NHS/Care Workers
  • Emergency Services
  • Essential delivery drivers
  • School staff required at their own school, particularly if you work in a special school.

If you believe you fall into the category and will require this service, we ask you to contact us via email stating your role and place of work ASAP.


During the closure period we will also be relying on these Key Workers to keep us informed of the times and days they will require this service, based on their working days and shift patterns so that we can try to do our best to staff the school appropriately.


With staff illness, staff self-isolation and the self-isolation of those already away due to health vulnerabilities, we need numbers of children we can manage safely over a long period of time.

We are hopeful the DFE will share a list of qualifying key workers with schools very soon.


If your child is identified as vulnerable in anyway or has an EHCP, we will be contacting you to give you details. Please wait for us to contact you - we do know who these children are within school.


This information is correct as of 1pm on Thursday 19th March 2020. However, with the situation is changing almost hourly, it may change later today. We will of course keep you informed. 


Thank you again for your continued support, we will be in touch with more information when we can.

Please look after yourselves in these difficult times.


Yours sincerely

Mrs P Phillips
Head Teacher