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Homework Scheme

Dear Parents,

I have been made aware that there are a lot of unhelpful and factually incorrect rumours circulating both on the playground and on a local Facebook group about our new homework system.

Here are the facts:

  • The homework system has been chosen with the very best aspirational intentions and has a huge impact upon pupil learning and confidence
  • The content has been chosen carefully to match the things that we are actually learning about in class this term
  • We are aiming for 5-10 minutes of deliberate practise an evening depending upon age and interest and they can do as much or as little as they wish
  • Many of our children are so enthusiastic that they are choosing to do extra which is such a positive attitude to foster
  • The system develops good writing and  independent study skills
  • The system is for the children to choose just one small element to practise. Some are choosing to stick with familiar content and others are already pushing themselves ahead onto elements we haven’t yet taught and that’s fine too
  • The children have responded overwhelmingly positively to the new expectations. They love choosing which bits to do and are buzzing with pride bringing in their books to show us in the mornings
  • We have also had lots of positive feedback from many families who are enjoying the extra challenge and from teachers who can see a real difference in the children’s knowledge and confidence in lessons already
  • As a team we have focused upon praising every child’s effort not punishing
  • We believe that family life and activities outside of school are important too – please just let us know if you were too busy
  •  ONLY Children in Y5/6 are being encouraged to do extra catch up if needed at lunchtimes. This is to prepare for them for the significant demands of secondary school. And even then, this is a maximum of 10 minutes. It is explained from a caring point of view to develop a good work ethic and responsibility and on a case by case basis
  • Teachers in other year groups are giving up a little time during some lunchtimes (max 10 minutes) to offer help/support for anyone who needs it and children choose to attend
  • The system is in its infancy; it is a trial and we will need to tweak and develop it as we move forwards

There will be a workshop coming up soon which will hopefully help you to understand and clarify the new system

Our communication could have been more timely and clear on this matter and we will certainly try to learn from and improve upon this moving forwards.

I hope this email will clear up any confusion but please can we encourage you to come in and speak with us should you have any further concerns.

Kindest regards

Paula Phillips