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School Car Park Safety

Dear Parent/Guardian

We have had an increasing number of people parking in the school car park recently. So by way of a reminder, the ONLY people authorised to park at the school are: -

a) Staff during their working hours

b) Disabled badge holders

c) Permit holders (issued by the school usually for a limited period)

A few years ago, the school implemented this limited access policy for everyone's safety. As a number of you will remember, drop-off and pick-up times were a serious accident waiting to happen when more cars were allowed on site.

We currently don't have enough parking spaces for staff, and we have many more disabled badge holders than disabled bays. So even one extra car has a big impact on whether a disabled driver can access the school or legitimate visitors are able to get in; let alone the problem of cars obscuring a child's view of the car park traffic.

We appreciate that the reintroduction of the East Wichel parking restrictions make the school car park a more tempting proposition, but for the sake of you and your children's safety we would ask you to kindly continue to respect the school's parking policy by parking in the designated bays of East Wichel outside of school grounds.

Many thanks

Paula Phillips