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Welcome Back and Important Covid Updates

Dearest Families,

Welcome back to the new academic year ahead and a special welcome to any new families joining us!

We do hope that you enjoyed a wonderful summer and managed to find some time to recharge and be present with your loved ones. On behalf of the team here, please can we thank you for your generosity at the end of last term. We received lots of kind messages and thoughtful gifts – please know that these were so appreciated – thank you.

Last year saw many things to be proud of and celebrate, even amongst all the challenges faced. Two of the successes that meant most to us at the school include:

  1. The positive results from our pupil survey which showed how happy the children are! We believe that being happy and feeling cared for is the NUMBER 1 key to success at school.
  2. And the academic progress the children made despite the disruptions - amazing! Huge thanks to you all for your support; to the staff for their hard work and to the children too!

Our focus for continued improvement and development this year will be very much about maintaining this happiness and wellbeing. We will also be looking at developing and enriching our curriculum further with more of the arts etc. together with ways in which we can continue to support the children with their writing.

Important Covid Updates:

We are following all of the latest guidance from the government.

Our updated risk assessment and outbreak management plan can be found on our website.

There are now key 4 areas:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Cleaning
  3. Ventilation
  4. And following direction from PHE

Please do not send your child to school if

  • Your child has symptoms please do not send them to school, given the potential risk to others. Please arrange a PCR test before sending them into school.
  • If your child has a positive test result or other reasons requiring them to stay at home due to the risk of them passing on COVID-19 (for example, they are required to quarantine).

Anyone in our school who develops COVID-19 symptoms, however mild, WILL be sent home and they should follow public health advice. Please support us with this. We do not want to send children home but we are balancing trying to keep everyone safe.
We will work with health protection teams in the case of a local outbreak

  • Close contacts will now be identified via NHS Test and Trace
  • Contacts from a school setting will only be traced by NHS Test and Trace where the positive case specifically identifies the individual as being a close contact.
  • From 16 August 2021, children under the age of 18 years old will no longer be required to self-isolate. NHS Test and Trace, will inform you if they have been in close contact with a positive case and advise you to take a PCR test.
  • Additional guidance will be sought, whichever of these thresholds is reached first:
    1. 5 children, pupils, students or staff, who are likely to have mixed closely, test positive for COVID-19 within a 10-day period;

We are still limiting visitors and face to face meetings on site at this stage and we ask that parents do not come into the foyer as it is not a well ventilated space. Please call or email wherever possible.

We will still provide equipment and quality home learning for anyone at home who is well enough to participate.

Kind regards 

Mrs Phillips
Head Teacher