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Dear families,


Here is a short video to share with you some of the changes we have made in school for our phased partial reopening.

To those of you who have accepted your places and are on our registers to come back in the next few weeks please can we remind you the following:

  • Remember your drop off and pick up times
  • Use your allocated entry point into school
  • Bring your signed home school agreement 
  • Bring a water bottle and a coat or sun hat only
  • No other items are permitted into school for safety reasons 

No children will be admitted who are not on our registers; who are late and who do not bring these items.


Thank you for your understanding during this time.


Kindest regards


Mrs Paula Phillips

Welcome to Nursery

We all miss you!

We all miss you! 1

Nursery Contact Us

If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the home learning or the Interactive Learning Diary, then please leave a message below. Mrs Fabian will respond to your message via the School App service.

Our Nursery Adults

Our Nursery Adults 1 Mrs Fabian (Class Teacher)
Our Nursery Adults 2 Miss South (Nursery Nurse)
Our Nursery Adults 3 Mrs Careswell (Teaching Assisstant -morning)
Our Nursery Adults 4 Mrs Plank (Morning TA and Lunch Care)
Our Nursery Adults 5 Mrs Parmenter (Teaching Assistant- afternoon)
Our Nursery Adults 6 Mrs Ash (Teaches PE Tuesday morning)

Our Nursery Class

Our Nursery Class 1 Morning Nursery Session
Our Nursery Class 2 Afternoon Nursery Session
Our Nursery Class 3 World Book Day
Our Nursery Class 4 Coop Trip

Supporting us at home

Please help us at home by:

-Encouraging us to get dressed ourselves, put our own shoes on and coats on

-Encouraging us to go to the toilet independently, to wipe ourselves and wash our own hands

-Encourage us to tidy up our toys when we have finished

-Sharing story books everyday (talk about the pictures, let us turn the pages, talk about words we might not understand)

-Start to spot rhyming words or letters of personal significance to us in books

-Sing Nursery rhymes

-Sing Counting Songs

-Start to recognise our own name

-Begin to copy letters in our name

-Spot numbers and shapes in our everyday world (houses, buses, doors etc.)

-Show care and concern for others, toys and animals



Trick for putting on your coat

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