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Reading and Phonics

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
Reading changes lives and is the key to EVERYTHING!
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In the Nursery we know and understand the importance of reading. Please take time to share a book with your child every day. 

Reading, reading everywhere!

Reading, reading everywhere! 1
Reading, reading everywhere! 2
Reading, reading everywhere! 3
Reading, reading everywhere! 4
Reading, reading everywhere! 5
Reading, reading everywhere! 6
Reading, reading everywhere! 7
Reading, reading everywhere! 8
Reading, reading everywhere! 9
Reading, reading everywhere! 10

Helping us with our reading at home

Please support and encourage us to...

-Open the book and turn the pages

-Talk about what is happening in the illustrations

-Talk about who the characters are and the settings

-Pause and talk about the story and its events

-Pause and talk about words and vocabulary we may not understand yet

-Join in with repeated story language E.g.'I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down'

-Ask us questions about the story

-Start to spot letters of personal significance (letters in own name, 'm' for mummy, 'd' for daddy etc.)

-Start to hear and identify words that rhyme


-Adults to point to the words whilst reading, it helps the children to start learning about direction of text in a book. 


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In the Nursery we are learning about Phase 1 Phonics. We are playing lots of different games to learn the fundamental pre-reading skills that are before we start reading letters and words at school. 


The areas we focus on learning are:

1. Environmental Sounds

2. Instrumental Sounds

3. Body Percussion Sounds

4. Rhythm and Rhyme (dog frog, log)

5. Alliteration (ssss slimy snake)

6. Voice Sounds

7. Oral segmenting and blending (c-a-t=cat)


For more information about Phase 1 Phonics and how to help us at home, please see the document below. 

Phase 1 Phonics- explained to parents and carers

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Our Book Talk text this term is: 'Little Red Hen'

This term we will be listening to stories, retelling the story with puppets and props, recreating the story through 'Helicopter Stories', creating binoculars, making bear masks and creating settings from the story. 


Keep checking our class page for updates on our learning.

Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs

Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs 1
Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs 2
Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs 3
Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs 4
Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs 5
Term 1 Book Talk: Three Little Pigs 6