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Good morning!


It has been great that so many of you have been working out with Joe Wicks everyday and keeping yourself active. In addition to that we now have access to Real PE at home which will give you lots of extra physical challenges to keep you active and busy.  Below is some more information about it and how to log on.


Real PE at home – online learning resource


There are lots of sections to Real PE, but the best parts for us in Early Years are Real Play and Real Foundations where you will find lots of active stories, songs and challenges all based on different themes.


You are not likely to have all the equipment they suggest using at home but you can be creative and use whatever you can from your house - for example there is a balancing game where you have to pick up cones whilst standing on one leg, you could use some of your toys instead - try doing it with Lego pieces for a real challenge!  But please ask your parents permission to use things if they are not yours!


There are so many benefits to being active, not only to our physical well-being but also to our emotional and mental health, especially at the moment. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months.


Here are the details to access real PE at home:


The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: eastwiche