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Story and Rhyme Time

Story and Rhyme Time

We know that reading, rhymes and stories are essential for children's development. These support children listening, understanding, speech, drawing, singing, vocabulary, imagination and so much more. 


We have 6 key texts and rhymes that we make a big focus on during Nursery. We focus on 1 story and 1 rhyme for 2 weeks of each term. We immerse the children in the story and revisit previously taught stories throughout the year. We call this 'Book Talk'. 


Alongside this, we focus on a new story and nursery rhyme each week that relates to our weekly theme. 


Topic: My Fabulous Family 

Our Term 1 Book Talk text is: The Three Little Pig

Our Term 1  Rhyme is: Tommy Thumb


Topic: Fantastic Foods and Festivals

Our Term 2 Book Talk text is: Gingerbread Man

Our Term 2  Rhyme is: Pat-a-Cake



Nursery- Story and Rhyme Time

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