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Thursday 4th June

Thursday 4th June


Good morning!

As I mentioned previously this week, this week our Virtual Educational Visits are going to have a more local theme; visits to places that are within an hour of Swindon. As many of our attractions are struggling to survive without their usual visitors, I thought we could visit them virtually this week so you can think about the places you would like to support and visit when their restrictions are lifted. 

Today's visit is to the Roman Baths, in Bath. This is what the Roman Baths web-site says:

The Roman Baths, at the heart of the City of Bath World Heritage Site, consists of the remarkably preserved remains of one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient world. The city’s unique thermal springs rise in the site and the Baths still flow with natural hot water.

Visitors can explore the Roman Baths, walk on the original Roman pavements and see the ruins of the Temple of Sulis Minerva. The museum collection, located next to the bathing complex, includes a gilt bronze head of the Goddess Sulis Minerva, and other Roman artefacts.

The Roman Baths attracts over one million visitors a year - making it one of the most visited heritage attractions in the United Kingdom.

The Landmarks section of the web-site contains a virtual tour, allowing you almost dip your toes in the Great Bath! There is also a fantastic Learning for Life section which contains Roman Games, Roman History, Collections Corner, Archaeological Excavations and an Activities section, which includes making a Knight's Helmet and a Handy Dragon. 

All of the links are in the Landmarks section.

Happy exploring!


As usual, if you have any comments, or suggestions for virtual visits, you can contact me using the Contact Form on the Scotland Class page. Thank you to those who have done this already.