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Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning!


As the weather has suddenly changed and you may not want to spend as much time outside, I have looked very hard to find you an exciting virtual visit for today . . . and have I found one! Welcome to Longleat's Virtual Safari! On Saturday 4th April, when Longleat should have opened their gates for the season, instead they launched their Virtual Safari. The virtual tour uses a mix of audio commentary with both video footage and photos. It follows the usual drive-through route through the Safari Park, starting with giraffes and zebras and heading into the Monkey Drive Through! Also included are lions, tigers, cheetahs, wolves, rhinos, camels, ostriches, flamingos, vultures and antelope. The tour is 30 minutes, so definitely worth going on.

Longleat also have a fantastic app. that includes quizzes and factsheets. This is my favourite quiz question so far:


Wombat poo is shaped like a cube

True or False?


All of the links are in the  Farms, Wildlife Parks and Zoos section.

Happy safari!


As usual, if you have any comments, or suggestions for virtual visits, you can contact me using the Contact Form on the Scotland Class page. Thank you to those who have done this already.