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Tuesday 5th May

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning!


Today's visit is a request visit: I have been looking for a good visit to an aquarium for  a while, but all of the places I expected to be amazing weren't! However, Long in Scotland Class has requested an Aquarium visit, so I looked hard and finally found a fantastic one. Today we are visiting the New England Aquarium, in Boston. The site has a lot of photos and information about many of its thousands of ocean animals. There is a Giant Ocean Tank web-cam and a Penguin web-cam; of these, the tank is by far the best because the penguins are often asleep when we are awake due to time difference. (If you love penguins, the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Edinburgh Zoo web-cams are fantastic and the links are in the Wildlife Parks and Zoos section). My favourite part of the aquarium web-site is Aquarium Blogs. Here you can find lots of virtual visits, including: Sea Turtle Hospital Tour, A Dive Inside the Giant Ocean Tank and Armoured and Venemous Fish Feeding! The Aquarium usually also offers Whale Watch tours and the Whale Watch page has some fantastic photos from these. There is also a Fun Activities for Kids section, including Counting the Fish in the Sea.

All of the links are in the Aquariums section.

Happy exploring!


As usual, if you have any comments, or suggestions for virtual visits, you can contact me using the Contact Form on the Scotland Class page. Thank you to those who have done this already.