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Tuesday 9th June

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning!

This week we are back to venturing slightly further afield for our visits. Today we are visiting the AMAZING town of Jacqueline Wilson . . . it's a visit that could last weeks rather than just one day! The Jacqueline Wilson web-site (which has a population of 331,538) is arranged like a town, with a Town Plan; which you definitely need because there is so much to see and do. Amongst the buildings to visit are the Town Library, where you can find information on all of Jacqueline Wilson's books, and the Pet Sanctuary, where there are lots of activities. Some of these are from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, of which Jacqueline Wilson is a well-known supporter. My favourite activity is 'Cat Cupcakes' (which are for humans not cats)! If you register to be a member of the town (it is free) you will get your own room! Here you can decorate, choose fabrics, swap objects and add books to your bookshelf. You also have a diary, where you can add important events, write diary entries and there are stickers and different pens to use. You will also have access to My Storyland where you can write, publish and share stories. See, I told you it was AMAZING! 

All of the links are in the Miscellaneous section.

Happy exploring!


As usual, if you have any comments, or suggestions for virtual visits, you can contact me using the Contact Form on the Scotland Class page. Thank you to those who have done this already.