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Understanding of the World

We would like you and your child to complete the activities linked to Technology around your home . . . 

Look at the Hansel and Gretel story PowerPoint. 

Identify objects and compare them with our modern day equivalents. e.g. Look at the oven where the witch is going to cook Hansel. Is it like your oven? 

Look at and compare baby and toddler books and children’s books.
What is different about them?

Why are they different? (Think particularly about the materials they are made from)

Week 4

UW: Materials


Why not take this opportunity to discuss the properties of different materials whilst helping your child to build a bridge for the three billy goats gruff?


Use the supporting bridge posters to help with your discussions

Week 5: UW


Raft building:

Can you build a raft to help the three billy goats get to the meadow on the other side?

Take this opportunity to discuss materials.


Grass growing:

Why not grow some grass for the hungry billy goats?

Discuss how plants grow and why?

Weeks 6 and 7 The Frog Prince

Frog Life Cycle Powerpoint

Frog Life Cycle Worksheets

Jumping Frog Science Experiment