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Virtual Educational Visits

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Welcome to the Virtual Educational Visits page!


I have a belief that it is important that our worlds are as big as possible. Never has this been more important as now when we have severe restrictions on when we can go out and where we can go.


With this in mind, I have started this page . . . there are so many exciting things to do and see and so many amazing places to visit just at the press of a button.


I have organised the page into sections so you can click areas that interest you.

Monday 1st April


Happy April Fool's day!


Today, our visit is to Australia! Taronga Zoo in Sydney is my favourite Zoo  . . . you can get there by ferry from Sydney, which is a great way to arrive and the zoo overlooks the Pacific Ocean. What more could you want? Koalas? There are soooo many of them there!

As the zoo is obviously closed, they have made their own TV channel called Taronga TV which has web-cams, animal feeds, videos and lots more. You can find the links in the Farms, Wildlife Parks and Zoos section . . . just bear in mind, particularly if you are watching the web-cams, that Sydney is currently 10 hours ahead of us in time.


Hope you all have a good day.

Tuesday 31st March




Today, our visit is to Tate Britain, a major art gallery in London that is the home of paintings from the United Kingdom since the Tudor Times. It is the home of my favourite British painting, 'Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose'  . . . perhaps you will be able to find it. 

The Google Arts link allows you to walk through the museum room by room, look at the paintings and click on them to get a clearer view. It's very easy to use . . . I have tried the same site for a Tate Modern tour but so far haven't managed to get further than the shop, the toilets or the bottom of an escalator!


Hope you all have a good day.

Monday 30th March


I hope you all had a good weekend.


Today, I saw on the news lots of pictures of various cities around Europe that are completely deserted because everyone has to stay at home. So I thought  today we would visit a place, Rome (the capital city of Italy). The ancient Romans were based in Rome, but they ruled all over parts of land around the Mediterranean Sea and even parts of Great Britain. The Romans invaded Great Britain, and began ruling here, in 43 AD. Rome is usually incredibly busy and there are always long queues and lots of people at the most popular places. Today, as you can see from the web-cams, it is very different! You will find the Rome links in the Places section below.


Hope you all have a good day.