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Vocabulary taught the East Wichel way using Vocabulary Ninja


At East Wichel, our teachers aim to provide writing experiences that enable our pupils to feel motivated and excited to write. We believe very strongly that developing pupils' vocabulary has a significant impact on the quality of their reading and writing. Pupils are ‘word-wealthy’ and need to develop a vocabulary of 50,000 words if they are statistically likely to be successful in education and beyond. This is a huge undertaking when you consider that the ‘average’ pupils learn 2,000 - 3,000 words a year in education. For this reason, we do a daily 'Vocabulary Ninja' session in which the pupils are exposed to ambitious vocabulary and explore the etymology of the words and taught to use them in the right context.


Each lesson, pupils are taught a word of the day, this is a fast-paced, fun and energetic experience which is done in 10 steps including: being introduced to the word where pupils karate chop syllables, explicit definitions are given, word type shared, anonyms and synonyms discussed, pupils orally use the word in a sentence with a partner, teacher edits sentences, pupils write their sentence and edit it before sharing. Pupils are encouraged to use words they are learnt during Vocab Ninja in their writing.

Example word of the day: