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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April




Wow! There have been lots of exciting activities today! One of the best ways I've seen for reading Red Tricky Words is our photo of the day. We have loved reading the letters that you have been writing and there are two at the bottom of the blog. When you are writing, if you would like to write a letter to one your friends in Scotland Class, I will add it to the bottom of the blog, in 'Friendship Letters', so that your friend can see it. I will also send a message so that they know to look for it. When I finally sort out our page (it's getting very full), I will put the letters in the folder that is in the 'Writing Ideas of the Day' section. If you receive a letter from a friend in Wales Class it will be put in there too.

Remember, if you would like to be one of the 'Superstar Workers of the Week' you need to post to the ILD every day. There are quite a few children who have posted every day this week so far, well done!

Please remember that we have set the challenge of every child having at least one photo or work sample uploaded to the ILD each day. Well done to those who have posted today for the first time!


As usual we have made our daily updates in the following areas: Art and Crafts, Maths, Science, Stories and Writing. 


P.S. Home Learning is a big change of routine for everyone (children, parents and teachers). If you decide that you need to take a break one day, please take a break! If you take a photo of something you decide to do instead, post that on the ILD and you will still be able to get Superstar Worker of the week. Today, the change of routine was too much for one of our Scotland friends so he built a fort, played soldiers, watched a David Attenborough programme and then went hunting for sea life . . . sounds like a good day!