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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March




Well, I was going to start by saying wow, but then I realised that's how I started yesterday. However, wow! You have been so busy!  Once again we've really enjoyed looking at all of the activities that you have been doing and it has been lovely to see more children! Please remember that we have set the challenge of every child having at least one photo or work sample uploaded to the ILD each day. If you haven't put any photos on the ILD yet, we look forward to seeing you on there very soon.


As I said yesterday, it is really important for your child's development that Read, Write Inc phonics continues as much as possible each day. There are Speed Sounds lessons each day and details can also be found in the What's On section. As well as these lesson, Read, Write Inc. also have 14 free Read, Write Inc eBooks for children to read. These can be found at You can find these if you click on the eBooks link underneath 'Read Write Inc Phonics Guide for Parents. Here you will also find other helpful parent videos. 


As usual we have made our daily updates in the following areas: Art and Crafts, Maths, Science and Stories. The Lego Challenge in the Arts and Crafts section looks particularly good! If you have any ideas of activities that you would like us to include or you would like ideas for particular activities, please let us know.


Today the lovely Mrs Ash told us about a daily dance class by Oti Mabuse from Strictly Come Dancing. It is on  Youtube, at Oti Mabuse Official at 11.30am. It lasts for 30 mins. This week she is doing Disney classes and has covered Trolls and Shrek so far. They look a lot of fun! I will put the link in The Get Moving! section