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Wednesday 6th May

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning!


As the weather has improved again, we have a good outdoor visit today. We are visiting The Eden Project in Cornwall. The Eden Project was designed to demonstrate the importance of plants and to promote the sustainable use of plant resources. It is perhaps most famous for housing the largest rainforest in captivity. The Project contains two huge biomes (a biome is 'a community of plants and animals that share common characteristics for the environment they live in'); one Rainforest environment and one Mediterranean environment. The 'What's Here' section has links to information, photos and videos of these. As the Eden Project is currently closed, there are lots ideas for activities to do at home. My favourites are 'If Plants Were the Size of Fruit', 'How to Make a Recycled Marble Run', 'How to Build a Water Assault Course' and 'How to Recycle a Milk Container into a Beautiful Bird'. There is also a particularly good section 'Join the Fight Against Marine Plastic' which has lots of useful ways to cut down our use of plastic.

All of the links, and more, are in the Miscellaneous section.

Happy exploring!


As usual, if you have any comments, or suggestions for virtual visits, you can contact me using the Contact Form on the Scotland Class page. Thank you to those who have done this already.