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Weeks 4 and 5 The three billy goats gruff

Week 4: Arts and Crafts



Lego bridge and puppets:


Can you use your Lego ( or any other building materials) to make a small bridge and then use your finger puppets (template provided) to act out The three billy goats gruff story?


Take your pencil for a walk activity:

Listen to some relaxing music (link below) and take your pencil for a walk across the page, wherever it likes to go. Once the music has stopped colour in the pattern your pencil has left behind!


What taking your pencil for a walk looks like:


Some relaxing music to take your pencil on a walk with!



Make a flower for the billy goats meadow:

Why not use the templates and tutorials below to make some flowers to go in the Billy goats gruff meadow?


Sing a song:

Learn a new Billy goats gruff song and impress your friends and family!

Week 5: Art and crafts


Paint a bridge

Cut up some small strips of card. Arrange them onto a larger white piece of paper in a bridge formation ( see photo) paint over the top with water colours. Remove the card strips and reveal an amazing bridge fit for the billy goats!


Make a bridge

Why not collect together your recycling and make a cardboard bridge for the three billy goats?


Picture 1
Picture 2