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Introduction to fairy tales: WRITING


Activity 1:

Using the traditional tale attributes posters, discuss what each character’s traditional traits are.

Discuss how this is not necessarily a prince / princess / wolf acts in our present world, but that these attributes have been passed down through stories through the years and have become tradition, hence traditional tales.


Discuss that over the next few weeks we will be spotting these characters in our stories.


Activity 2:

Help your child to think of how they would like to organise a traditional ball party.

Discuss what information an invitation needs, draw your child’s thinking to if they have ever sent a birthday party invitation.

Write the invitation to the ball. Have fun! Maybe you make your own ball with cuddly toys?

Activity 1

Last week you thought about the character traits of Fairy Tale and Traditional Tale characters. You thought of some fantastic descriptive words!

This week, choose one of the Hansel and Gretel characters and write a description of them. Can you remember some of the words you thought of last week to use in your writing? So that someone else can guess which character you have chosen, you will need to write at least three sentences . . . don't forget your capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and your full-stop at the end! 


Activity 2

This activity is a simple book review to help you identify the setting, the main character (I wonder who you will choose) and the main events in the story.

This week there is only one writing activity because it could be a long one! 

We are re-telling the story in our own words. I have given you two options; you could use the paper with the pictures and write your sentences underneath or you could use the lined paper and write what you remember about the story. 

Remember that Hansel and Gretel is a traditional tale . . . what will you need to write at the beginning? What will you need to write at the end? 

Week 4 :Writing


Character description:


We would like you to write a character description of either the troll of one of the 3 billy goats gruff. You can use the character mats and posters to help support discussions.

We still want to see red words and Fred fingers for spellings used .


Nature writing:

Why not take an opportunity to write about one of the walks you have taken as a family in this lovely weather using the paper templates provided? We would love to hear about them.

Week 5: Writing


Write a letter to the troll

Use the paper provided to write a letter to the troll asking why he wants to eat the three billy goats and maybe try and persuade him into becoming a vegetarian!


Nature walk

Leading on from last week, continue to write about any special walks you have taken as a family in nature and the special things that you saw that made you go WOW!

Activity 1

When you have completed the Lifecycle of a Frog activities in the Understanding the World section, you could practise your writing skills and complete this Lifecycle of a Frog writing activity!

Activity 2

Who am I?

Choose a character from The Frog Prince.

Write a short description of the character's appearance.

Read your description to someone in your family or a friend.

Can they guess which character it is?

Activity 3

Can you retell the story of The Frog Prince? 

Activity 4

Can you use your rhyming skills to complete the spells?