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Young Voices 2021


We know that there are some of you at school who will want to be taking part in next years Young Voices concert and the good news is we are registered to take part.


However, as you can appreciate it is not going to be as straightforward as in previous years; for a start we can not run a club to practise our wonderful singing and dancing so Mrs Fabian and Mrs Ash are currently thinking of creative and alternate ways around this and have a few ideas which we will share with you in September. 


Also we are not entirely sure how or when they are going to hold the actual concerts - we have posted the current information we have from the organisers for you to have a look at which gives us some idea.


What we can tell you is that if you are interested in taking part in whatever form it takes, you can already begin to learn the songs and dances as they have released them early!  If you go to the Young Voices website and enter the code YV2021 you will be able to access all the resources you need.


We are sorry we can not be more specific about arrangements but hope you understand that everyone's health and safety has to come first and be assured that we are as desperate as you to get back to singing and dancing!


Enjoy your summer holidays and sing and dance at home if you can!


Mrs Ash and Mrs Fabain smiley

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