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Flu Vaccinations Information

Flu Vaccinations for 2023-2024

Vaccinations will take place on the morning of Thursday 30th November.
Please click on the link below to give/refuse consent 



Click here to give/withdraw consent 


Annual Nasal Flu Vaccination Consent

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Your child’s flu vaccination is now due.

This vaccination is recommended to help protect your child against flu. Flu can be an unpleasant illness and can cause serious complications, vaccinating your child will also help protect more vulnerable family and friends by preventing the spread of flu.

Please complete the consent form using the following link:

Please ensure you complete your child’s consent 48 working hours before your school session to ensure your child receives their vaccination.

We are visiting your child’s school on Thursday 30th November. 

The vaccination is free and is a quick, simple and painless spray up the nose. Even if your child had the vaccine last year, the type of flu can vary each winter, so it is recommended to have it again this year or they won’t be protected.

A leaflet explaining the vaccination programme for primary aged children can be accessed at:

and includes details about the small number of children for whom the nasal vaccine is not appropriate.  The nasal spray vaccine contains a very small amount of purified porcinegelatine as an essential ingredient to keep it stable and able to work. For those who may not accept medicines or vaccines that contain porcine gelatine, a flu vaccine injection is available. Since the programme was introduced, most children offered the vaccine in schools have had the immunisation.

If you have any queries, please contact the School Aged Immunisation Team on 0300 247 0082 or email us using


Yours sincerely,


Roanna Ellis


Acting Professional Lead for School Aged Immunisations


If your child becomes wheezy, has a bad attack of asthma, or has started oral steroids for their asthma after you return this form, please contact the healthcare team on 0300 247 0082. 

If you decide you do not want to vaccinate your child against flu, please complete the consent form giving the reason. This will help us plan and improve the service.

For further information see:

School Age Immunisation Team 

HCRG Care Group

 t: 0300 247 0082 (Monday – Friday, 9am - 4.30pm) 


 Please be aware that this email route is not secure if you are sending patient identifiable information.