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Absence/Late Procedures

There is a direct link to good attendance and punctuality and subsequent high achievement at school.


Please support your child to be on time in school EVERY day as this will give them the best life chances and help them to establish good habits that will stay with them in the teenage years and on into adulthood. 


Ways that we can work together:

  • Book all routine doctors and dentist appointments out of school hours.
  • Book all holidays in school holiday time*. There are 175 days when the children are not in school. 
  • Call the school office as soon as possible if your child is off school for any reason to let us know that they are off and why. If we do not hear from you we would need to contact you ourselves so that we know where the child us and that they are safe. 
  • Do send your child into school if you are unsure whether your child is genuinely ill. We will send them home if they deteriorate. 

Any planned or family emergency absences should be requested in writing giving detailed explanations and supporting documentations as to why the absence is required. This should be in the form of the email addressed to the head teacher 

*Please note that we are unable to authorise holidays for any reason during term time and you may be subject to a fine. 


The following are NOT reasons to be off school:

  • They are under 5, it doesn't matter
  • They had a late/bad night
  • They have a cold
  • They have a sore finger/leg etc. 


The school monitors attendance and lateness closely. 

Each week the Head Teacher, Deputy Head and the Family Liaison Worker  will meet to look at attendance. They will then arrange to meet with any families where we have concerns about attendance/lateness. Education Welfare may be asked to  support us with this process.


Covid Guidelines 

Covid guidelines have now been withdrawn and there are no official guidelines or restrictions on isolation should your child test positive.  Covid 19 is now to be treated as any other illness, if you child is unwell then keep them at home until they are well enough to be back in school. 




Chicken Pox at least 5 days from the onset of the rash and until all blisters have crusted over 
Diarrhoea and Vomiting 48 hours after their last episode 

Cold and flu-like illness

(including COVID-19)

they no longer have a high temperature and feel well enough to attend. 
Impetigo their sores have crusted and healed, or 48 hours after they started antibiotics
Measles 4 days after the rash first appeared
Mumps5 days after the swelling started
Scabiesthey've had their first treatment 
Scarlet Fever24 hours after they started taking antibiotics
Whooping Cough 48 hours after they started taking antibiotics 
High Temperature 24 hours after the temperature subsides


but make sure to let the school know about .... 

Hand foot and mouth Glandular Fever 
Head lice Tonsillitis 
ThreadwormSlapped Cheek