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We are excited to introduce NumBots to the children at school. It is part of the Times Tables Rock Stars Programme (TTRS), and is targeted for our younger children.  NumBots has been designed to build upon a child’s maths skills and knowledge, through progressive levels that are designed to challenge and develop their mental arithmetic.

There are two play modes; Story Mode and Challenge mode.

Story mode explores mathematical concepts and features visual representations and calculation strategies in fun, stylised and fast paced games that progressively become trickier and offer more challenge the further up the levels the child progresses.

Challenge Mode is designed to test the childs memory through the recall of facts and games that are set against the clock. Challenge mode can only be accessed once the child has become proficient and has unlocked enough levels in Story Mode.

Please note, NumBots can be played alongside TTRS as this focuses purely on times tables knowledge. Children will receive Dojo points for their frequent participation and progression through the levels.


Or check out NumBots at the following web address;