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Welcome to our Governors’ section.   Please find below details of our Governing Board membership and further information under the various click links

Governing Board Membership

All governors are appointed to a Four Year term of office. Co-Opted Governors are appointed by the Full Governing Board. Parent Governors are appointed by the parents. Staff Governors are appointed by the staff. Local Authority Governors are appointed by Swindon Borough Council/Full Governing Board.

The names of all governors who have served at any point in the last 12 months can be found on the Register of Interests document

Governor Name Governor
start date
Term of office
end date
Appointment Category Committee Membership Additional
Paula Phillips 01.01.19 n/a ex officio as Headteacher Curriculum and Resources   6/6, 6/6
Anna Penney 03.05.16 05.05.2024 Parent Governor Curriculum  Pupil Premium, CLA 6/6, 4/4
Nicola Stanton 22.01.13 10.02.2021 Parent Governor


  6/6, 4/4
Maud Nédélec-Spencer 10.02.17 10.02.2021 Parent Governor Curriculum   5/6, 4/4
Katie Brewer 28.02.17 28.02.2021 LA Governor Resources (Chair) Health & Safety Link 6/6, 3/3
David Sibley


17.07.2021 Parent Governor Resources   6/6, 2/3
Corey Stott 28.11.18 28.11.2022 Co-opted Governor Resources   4/6, 2/3
Charlotte Best  (Co-Chair) 29.01.19 29.01.2023 Co-opted Governor Curriculum (Chair) Safeguarding 5/6, 4/4
Joshua Gray 30.09.19 30.09.2023 Staff Governor Curriculum   5/5, 3/3
Carlos Pueyo Recio-Mensaque 20.10.19 20.10.2023 Co-opted Governor Resources.   5/5, 2/3
Charlotte Eynon (Co-Chair) 27.11.19 27.11.2023 Co-opted Governor Curriculum  SEND  5/5, 2/2
Heather Dash 24.11.20 24.11.2024 Co-opted Governor Curriculum    n/a
Vacancy      Parent Governor  Resources    
Vacancy      Co-opted Governor Resources    
Vacancy      Co-opted Governor      
Sarah Treadaway   n/a Associate member
School Business Mgr
Resources   4/6, 3/3
Clare Hodges   n/a Associate member
Deputy Headteacher
Curriculum (and Resources)   6/6, 6/6
Clerk to Governors:  Catherine Thomas   
To contact the Chair of the Governing Board please email:
To contact the Clerk to Governors please email:
 left in past 12 months            
name start date date left category committees   attendance 2019-20
Karen Clifford 8/3/19 18/1/20 parent governor Resources   1/2, 1/1
David Martin 27/2/18 7/7/20 co-opted governor Curriculum and Resources   5/5, 5/5
Suzanna Miles 08.03.19 15.10.20 Parent Governor Curriculum   6/6, 4/4