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Parents Evening

Parent and Carer Consultation Meetings for Wales, Scotland and Ireland Class (Mrs Ash's Class) 

Parent and Carer consultation meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams again this term. 

You should be able to access Microsoft teams on your smart phone or PC you can find instructions on how to do this by following the link below.


As these meeting are virtual, it is possible to have both parents attending in different locations (from home and work, for example). If you are separated, but able to join in the same meeting, that is fine with us. In such cases simply complete one form for each child and share the link with your partner/the other parent once it has been emailed to you by your child’s class teacher. Each appointment will be 10 minutes 

If parents require separate appointments, please ensure you both complete a separate form for your child/children, detailing the appropriate time preference and contact details. In such cases, two separate meetings will be set up by the class teacher.

Each Class will have their own dates and times when they will be running their appointments. 

Please click on the links below to request an appointment with you child/rens class teacher(s). Links will close 9am on Tuesday 29th March 


Please note as the children in Mrs Mcgregor's class only started in January there won't be Parent Consultations for them this time.