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Morning Maths

Morning Maths

What is Morning Maths?

A daily 10 minute activity for children to practise times tables or revisit taught skills (Y1 only).

The structure of the Morning Maths activity is as follows:

  • Children work through the challenges/questions at their own level as soon as they come into class in the morning

  • Y2 + Children complete one column a day if on levels 1 - 20 and self mark when completed

  • Y1 Children attempt to complete both columns


Progression in challenge

Y2 + Times table sheets Level 1 - 20


When levels 1 - 20 are complete, children move onto the Crisp Challenge



The structure of the Crisp Challenge activity is as follows:

  • Children have 5 minutes to complete the challenge 
  • They mark their work on alternate days
  • If they get all answers correct within the time, they can move onto the next level
  • On a Friday, children practise any times table questions they found challenging in their Practice Book (this can then be practiced at home)



The National Curriculum is a knowledge based curriculum. There is a need to ensure times tables are learned, that they stick and continue to be practised so that the children develop automacity which enables them to access more complex content.