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The Nest - Early Birds Breakfast Club and Night Owls After School Club

The Nest

Early Birds Breakfast Club and Night Owls After School Club 


Early Birds Breakfast Club 

Our Breakfast Club opens from 7.30am, children will be served breakfast between 7.30am and 8.15am. Children arriving later than 8.15am will still be able to access fruit from the fruit basket. Children will be escorted to their classes ready for the start of their school day.  


Night owls After School Club 

Our After school club runs directly from the end of the school day. Children are collected from their classes and escorted to the club. Our club runs 3 sessions 

Reception to Year 6 Nursey                                        
Session 1 3:10-4:30pmSession 1 3.30pm - 4.30pm 
Session 2 3:10-5:30pmSession 2 3.30pm - 5.30pm 
Session 3 3:10-6:00pmSession 3 3.30pm - 6pm 


For current fees and terms and conditions please see our application form below. 


Where do I drop off and collect children? 

Breakfast Club and After School Club drop off and collection points  

Children are dropped off and collected from the double doors by the large hall at the front of the school. You will find a bell on the frame of the door please press for attention. During good periods of good weather the children may be playing outside on the playground and/or on the field, a sign will be displayed on the door directing you to the field on these occasions.  







What activities are available for the children to do during clubs? 

Clubs have access to 

  • Paper based activities i.e  drawing, colouring sheets, puzzles, word searches etc. There are a variety of these available each day. 
  • A selection of toys 
  • Children can have support with their homework and reading
  • A selection of reading books 
  • Netflix and Disney Plus
  • ipads on a rota basis
  • Wii Just Dance
  • Outside play when the weather allows 
  • Craft activities 

Should you have any question regarding either of the clubs please contact Mrs Hole, The Nest Manager using the contact form below or email

Do you accept the Government/Workplace Child Care Vouchers?  

Yes we do. Codes for vouchers are as follows. If your company uses a different voucher system please contact The Nest Team. 

Company Code                                
Co-op Fexible Benefits 85116336
Care_4 33751527
Busy Bees 136068


Prices and Booking Options for 2023-2023

Contact The Nest

If you would like to contact The Nest Team please complete the form below. Please be aware that this message will go direct to The Nest Manager and not the School Office. Should this message be urgent please contact the school office on 01793 695134