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East Wichel Primary School and Nursery

Welcome to East Wichel Primary School and Nursery and truly 'Outstanding' and special place

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Come and have a look around our lovely school.

East Wichel Early Years

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FIVE reasons why our school is special:

  • Everything that we do as a school is underpinned by our core value of LOVE
  • We have happy children; happy families and a happy staff team who love what they do and the difference that they make
  • Our community is so rich and diverse as we welcome children from all around the world
  • We are continuously forward thinking and striving to be the very best that we can be for the children, our families and the community that we serve
  • We place huge importance on reading. Every child reads every day at East Wichel. And they will have read at least 30 high quality whole class novels by the time they leave us.

What our children say about us:

I love that everyone in our school is very kind and helpful. You get to do fun things.

Sophia Year 2

The maths is good and the teachers look after you.

Jonah Year 1

I love the new trim trail and the teachers are the best teachers in the world (especially Mr Gray)

Austin Year 2




Thank you East Wichel for all the things you taught me. I wouldn’t be the same without you lovely teachers I will miss every one of you. Thank you!

Munawwar Year 6

We care about people at this school and every day it is fun and we get to do PE. The teachers are strict but really, really kind.

Johnalyn Year 1


Thank you to the whole of East Wichel. I would not have come as far as I have without you. I will miss everyone at East Wichel. Thank you!

Samantha Year 6


Thank you East Wichel for treating us as family and for teaching me all the things I need to learn. I wouldn't be as good as I am now without you teachers and I will miss all of you very much. Thank you !'

Isla Year 6

I have really enjoyed EWPS and I still can’t believe after 7 long years I am leaving this school. To all the teachers that taught me, I thank them because without them I would not be who I am today. EW you changed my life thank you so much!’

Adam Year 6


East Wichel has really helped me through hard times. The teachers and children have really became close to me and I know it will be hard to leave, everyone will always be in my heart forever and always. Thank you East Wichel!

Kaiya Year 6




What our families say about us:

We can't think of a better school for our son to be in. All staff at East Wichel are really helpful and I feel that my child is receiving everything he needs! His teachers have been fantastic at adapting to his needs and at keeping us updated with his school life. Thank you for everything you do! Outstanding level of teaching, communication and love.

Our two daughters look forward to school everyday, which is testament to how they are treated, the learning they experience, and the relationships they have built. They both enjoy all aspects of school life and the teaching is progressive and affective and the two of them are developing beyond expectations. 

The girls also love the breakfast and after school clubs, having such great services means me and my husband can work full time knowing the children are catered for. 


The staff at East Wichel are so kind and supportive. Everyone is willing to go above and beyond to make sure my child’s sensory needs are met. The teachers have found many creative ways to make school more accessible to my son, and the other students have been consistently accepting of him despite his quirks. The SEN team have worked tirelessly to help us through my son’s EHCP application process. I love this school and will be forever grateful for the support and kindness they have given my family through some difficult times.

The nursery is absolutely outstanding. Both of my children thrived in the loving yet stimulating environment there. It’s so much more than childcare!




Mrs Baker is a treasure of the school too - not only are her scones and pastries delicious, she also meticulously ensures dietary requirements are met and regularly asks for feedback. I love that parents and students have a say in the food provided.



My children are up early and can’t wait to get to breakfast club as they enjoy it so much.





There are lots of extra-curricular clubs run, with something that appeals to every child - from gardening to girls football, to Christmas crafts.




Both my children really enjoy school and get on really well with their friends, teachers and TA’s.





I’m so glad our children got a place at East Wichel. They are utterly happy there.





Out of the two schools my children attend, you are by far the best! You've got everything so well organised, parents have been kept in the loop all the way and most importantly my daughter is happy! 



Appreciate all the hard work by the school team. My child is very happy and excited to be back at school. I can't thank you all enough!  






The staff are wonderful, always happy to support us as a family and have my children's best interests at heart.





As a parent I am impressed with the care and compassion shown to my child each day. Her vocabulary has grown so much since the school adopted the vocab ninja teaching of vocabulary, she now puts us to shame in our house!




The schools values have been so instilled in her that she readily shows them outside of school too to everyone she meets.

We feel like she is being equipped for the real world and has adopted skills and attitudes learnt at this fabulous school that she will have all of her life 😊




What external professionals say about the school:

From the minute you walk into this school, there is a real sense of feeling welcome from the office staff who greet you to the teaching staff who engage with you from the minute go.

 School routines are firmly established at this school and pupils present themselves as happy and thoughtful individuals that care deeply about members of staff and other children. Teaching staff have the highest  high expectations for all.

This school has the capacity within its current staff to improve further and to become the best version of its self. There is a strong vision running through the school that echoes teamwork and being reflective.


The school works hard to promote a culture of reading.

It has invested heavily and as part of this journey to improvement, leaders and educators have focussed on exposing pupils to high quality texts that contain key messages.

As a result, pupils are developing the habit of reading widely and often for pleasure and information


Strong leadership remains a strength at this school.


 What our staff say about the school: 

We are such a happy school and I love working here!


The staff and children are always so welcoming which creates such a positive community feel to the school.


This is such a lovely multicultural school – encourages thoughts of different cultural faiths and backgrounds.


Such strong & Supportive Leadership.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should
you have any questions.

We are always happy to help.

01793 695134


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