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Social Media Policy

Social Medial Policy


These sections are from our Social Media Policy and are guidance for Parents and pupils. You can read full our Policy by following this link

Guidance for pupils using social networking applications: 

• No pupil may attempt to access or access social networking applications during the school
   working day
• Pupils who are allowed to walk to and from school without an adult may bring a mobile  
   phone to school. This must be handed into the class teacher at the beginning of the school
• No pupil should invite or attempt to join a staff area on social networking applications.
   pupils attempt to do this, the member of staff is to inform the Head Teacher. 
• Pupils should report any improper contact or cyber bullying to the class teacher in
   confidence in accordance with the Anti Bullying Policy


Guidance for parents/carers using social networking applications:

• Parents/carers should not post pictures of pupils, other than their own child, on social networking
   applications where these photographs have been taken at a school event without prior permission
   from the other pupils’ parents/ carers.

 • Parents should not post malicious or fictitious comments on social networking applications about
    any school representative.