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Maths Fluency

Maths Fluency

What is Maths Fluency?

A daily 15 minute arithmetic, maths facts and vocabulary session on top of maths lessons. The structure of the session is as follows:

  • 10 minutes whole class recall of previously taught maths knowledge, concepts and vocabulary. Every child participates and is therefore responsible for their own learning. Mathematical knowledge is recalled through the use of flashcards, songs, counting and questioning. Manipulatives such as 3D shapes are used to help scaffold the children's visualisation of a concept.  

  • 5 minutes of written calculations using the National Curriculum formal methods (please see the Maths Appendix). The children mark and self-correct, enabling them to take ownership of their work.

  • 5 minutes retrieval practice in pairs using maths cue cards, once again drawing on previously taught concepts.

Sessions are planned directly from the National Curriculum to ensure correct pitch for each group of pupils. They are fast and pacey and give children the chance to practise previously taught concepts so that they stick.



The 2014 National Curriculum is knowledge based, and states that children should become fluent in the fundamentals of maths through varied and frequent practice. There is a need to ensure key maths, mathematical vocabulary, mental maths and arithmetic knowledge and skills are learned, that they stick and continue to be practised. This ensures that children develop automaticity which enables them to problem solve and to reason. Daily Maths Fluency sessions are transformational because they use what neuroscience teaches us about the forgetting curve and the spacing effect.