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Nursery (FS1) - England and Ireland Classes

 Welcome to Nursery (FS1)


Welcome to England and Ireland Classes! 


We are so pleased that you have chosen us as your child’s learning setting. At East Wichel we work hard to provide your child with a welcoming and rich learning environment with lots of fun and exciting opportunities.


We ensure learning opportunities that will develop your child’s curiosity, engagement, motivation and critical thinking skills, along with developing our school values of Love, Integrity, Aspiration, Appreciation and Community.


What makes us special?

Did you know that the Nordic countries are consistently ranked at the top of the World Happiness charts year on year? Many put that down to their approach to living known as Hygge (pronounced ‘hue guh’). Put simply, Hygge is a Danish attitude to life that focuses on living in the moment and feeling the joy there is in everyday routines and activities. It could be the togetherness you enjoy as you come together as a family, or the cosy warmth you feel as you’re sat on the sofa reading a book next to the crackling fire while it’s snowing outside.

At East Wichel we have adopted the 'Hygge' approach. We offer the warmest of welcomes, with a focus on love, joy, wellbeing and happiness in nature and we are currently in the process of working towards a Hygge Accrediation.


We hope that you will have a wonderful year with us.

Please check this page regularly for any updates.

Meet our Nursery Team

Meet Our Nursery Team
From left to right:
Mrs Kent (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Ash (Ireland Class teacher), Miss Daws (Teaching Assistant),
Mrs Careswell (Teaching Assistant).Mrs McGregor (England Class Room Leader), Mrs Brown (Teaching Assistant)