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Remote Learning Parent Feedback

Your feedback is important and helps us to shape and develop the way we work together. 


Remote Learning 



  • "Thank you for the support this week. It is much appreciated. It has not been an easy week for all and you have brought some amazing energy. We are grateful. 🌟”
  • "From a household with two working parents its hard to keep up with all the updates that are made during the day"
  •  "We certainly appreciate the energy too."
  • "He’s cracking on with his work and has been really engaged all term – thanks to your really interesting and thoughtful work."
  • "Thank you so much for the support this week. 🌟"
  • "Thank you for the nice comments and encouragements in Dojo."
  • "She's had a great day and loves to do all the work sent . Thank you for all your help 😊"


We listened and changed the way we set work for those learning at home. 


  • "Thank you so much. Receiving the work the night before will be a huge help."
  • "Thank you all so much. Having schoolwork the evening before makes my life easier! Means I have less to do in the morning and less to juggle with school work and my work.✕"
  • "I would like to thank you all for posting the school work the day before, that really helps me to organize my child before going to work every morning. Thank you so much for all your hard work"
  • "Thanks for uploading the work ahead of time. Thanks so much."
  • "Thank you so much for working late to get these to us the night before. It helps so much." 
  • "Thank you so much for sending the work yesterday. We are feeling more organised. Thanks"
  • "This is so helpful - thank you"
  • "Thanks. It’s really helpful to have it all together. Having it the night before is really helpful too. I really appreciate the time it takes to do this."
  • "Thank you. definitely helpful having all of this the night before, we're really grateful for all the work you are putting in to get this out to us and the kids."

  •  "Thank you for this! Lovely to see these great qualities are being shared with the children and explained and encouraged to put into practice. Thank you."
  • "The children can’t see the whole school feed. That only goes to parent accounts so they won’t be able to comment on the thought question. I know it’s a pain but would it be possible to post this to each year group so they can access it 
    please? Thank you"


We listened and assemblies are now posted on Class Stories too. 

TEAMs Meetings and Assemblies



  • "The assembly was a real boost this morning. Think they all loved seeing their school friends. Thank you."
  • "My son was very excited to be able to see his teacher and some of him friends! 
    Thank you for organizing the teams meetings! X"
  • "Thanks for the session, it worked well. It would be great to see more sessions through these means. 
    It helps keep everyone connected and included during these times."
  • "My son enjoyed seeing his friends thank you  😊"
  • "That was lovely. Looking forward to the next one 🤗"
  • “Live lessons have been fantastic and my daughter is really enjoying them and engaging with them!” 



  • "Thank you for recording these, they really do help!"
  • "Really appreciate your dedication and hardworking for engage all children in this pandemic situation."
  • "Appreciate all school staff for the dedication and Hard-work. Thanks"
  • "Thanks for today, my daughter loved seeing you all and listening to the story too. 
      Looking forward in the next part of the story next week! xx"
  • "Having the videos on dojo really helps my son."
  • "Thank you! my daughter knew what all of the picture symbols and stem sentences
     meant and joined in with her friends. She also got all of the quiz questions correct! 😊"


  • "My child joined in and got top marks! Very impressed 💪🏻👏🏻😊"
  • "My son got all the quiz questions correct! 😊"
  • "My daughter answered all the questions correctly I was very impressed. 😊"
  • "My daughter knew all the pictures and answered all the questions correctly! 😊"
  • "Got all the questions right"
  • "That was great my son loved joining in with the rest of the class. 😀”
  • "We loved the quiz "
  • "Really really enjoying these videos. Thank you so much."
  • "Just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all your hard work, for all the videos and for everything you do to make this home-schooling easier. We are very appreciative."
  • "Just a quick message to say thank you so much for all you have done this week! The kids have transitioned to home-schooling really well. The videos are making the world of difference and it feels very much like their education is progressing (rather than just maintaining like at the start of lockdown 1). Looking forward to the teams call on Monday! Another big step forward that will really help those at home feel more involved and less isolated."
  • "...You have such a magnificent way of explaining things, a lovely gentle tone and a natural ability to make the child feel cared about!!"
  • "The kids have transitioned to homeschooling really well. The videos are making the world of difference and it feels very much like their education is progressing"


  • "Just a quick message to say thank you for the live booktalk today. My daughter really enjoyed it and the 
    slide deck with pictures really helped her engage and learn more! 
    Thank you so much - having the live interaction meant so much to her!"

  • "Thank you for the live book talk sessions. These are working very well."

General Comments 



  • “Thanks for the call, my daughter had a completely different approach to her work this afternoon!”
  • “Just wanted to say, thank you so much for all of the amazing resources you have uploaded already. My daughter was so excited to come to nursery tomorrow, but having all of these amazing things to do together with her is just going to make her even more excited to join you when she can. We will make sure to take lots of videos and photos of her doing all these activities and upload them. It’s so great we can do this and share videos with you, so even though you can’t meet Isabel in person, hopefully you’ll get to see her personality through here. Thanks again for everything, it can’t be an easy time for any of you, but I can honestly say our first experience of the school has been an incredible one (even if it is virtually). “
  • “Thank you for the Oxford Owls and everything you have done for my son. It must have been one of the toughest weeks ever for you all and we are really grateful for all the videos and everything else.  My son really enjoys the videos and he has been doing the phonics videos too.”
  • "Can I also just say a massive thank you and well done to the  staff, the speed in which they turned around the home school work for the children has been amazing The packs of information have been fantastic and they are always on hand to answer any questions. The school has been amazing during this pandemic." 
  • You've all be superb! With the announcement at 8pm and by the following morning the children has all their work ready to go! As parents we couldn't ask anymore of you, thank you" 
  • "What can I say you’ve all been fantastic, the praise for the children is even and across the board, all teachers are on hand for that extra help if needed. It’s so helpful that the work is set for the next day during the day before. 

    Having a SEN child who is still in school (and one homeschooling), what can I say, wow the support is out of this world and has really helped.

    The online learning -  video lesson content has been easily followed and explained thoroughly. 

    Keep up all the hard work, we really do appreciate everything you do! You all always go above and beyond."

  • "The children are amazing and have taken very quickly to all the online bits. But equally yourself and the other teachers have been amazing too. I've spoken with other friends with children at other schools and its so different. We are very lucky to have you all. Our school is brilliant. Really hope you to relax this half term"

  • "Your hard work is really appreciated."

  • "Thanks for all of your time and hard work. Really appreciate it."

  • "Thank you for everything this week! I’m super grateful for all you are doing for my child, whilst trying to still look after you and yours!"

  • "Always remember you guys are doing a great job"

  • "Massive thank you to you both. Although this term has been very challenging, your support and commitment to help the children has been amazing. The live lessons have been brilliant in keeping the children connected and supporting them in all areas of the work. Thank you so much for going above and beyond every day."

  • "You are fantastic, my daughter is so enthusiastic to learn and you offer such a hard working attitude and safe environment, we'll be forever grateful for your fun attitude and the guidance that you have given her."

  • "Your reassurance and dedication is priceless, Thanks a lot!"

  • "You encourage everyone, your positivity and energy is infectious. It is definitely helping to build her confidence"

  • "Huge thank you for the fantastic work you are sending and will be sending during this crazy period. The clarity and structure of the work sent is very much appreciated as it is clear as to what is expected of the children each day/week for both child and parent! It's also great to see what 'fast 10', 'fast 5', and the rest of the various tasks that they do at school involve!"

  • "This is very different to what we experienced during the last lockdown at our previous school so I just wanted to say thank you!"

  • "Thank you you all do an amazing job"

  • A Big THANK YOU for whatever conversation you had with my daughter last week about careers. She's been researching ever since and seems to be struck with the idea of becoming a mechanical engineer. She's been researching how to achieve this and what subjects will help her. I'm sure it's incredibly hard to do your job currently but even so you've taken the time to inspire and I couldn't be more thankful."




Parent Survey and Feedback