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Our main ethos behind Religious Education at East Wichel Primary School is about the acceptance of everyone, no matter what their belief or background, in order to strengthen the global community for the next generation. Based on one of our key values of love, children at East Wichel have the opportunity to learn about how different faiths worship and what and why they celebrate.

The recently updated curriculum offers the chance to explore the big questions and observations in life without necessarily focusing on one particular religion; instead, favouring the opportunity to compare and contrast against a range of religious and non-religious viewpoints.

Each topic, particularly in the Key Stage 2 curriculum, offers the opportunity for children to raise questions, challenge opinions and participate in an organised debate. This allows them to reflect on what is important to them whilst respectfully acknowledging the beliefs of others.

The Early Years curriculum gives children the chance to build upon their experience of the world as they know it. Exploring what places, stories, celebrations or people are important to people of certain faiths as well as what is important to them. In addition, children can explore a range of religious artefacts ask questions about them or use them in role-play.