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Early Years Foundation stage

Early Years Foundation Stage










Our Nursery and Reception classes follow the The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum your child follows from birth until the end of their Reception year in school. The Early Years curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all pupils. It facilitates them to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding, as they start out on their educational journey, supporting them to progress from their individual starting points and preparing them for the next stage of their education.


The curriculum includes three prime areas of learning and four specific areas of learning. 


The Prime Areas include:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development


The Specific Areas include:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive arts and design


Our ethos in Early Years is to support and develop the child as a whole. Supporting children’s personal, social and emotional development and well-being is crucial so that they feel safe and secure and are therefore ready to learn.

We believe that the best way to learn is through effective promotion and development of the characteristics of effective learning.


We help children to develop:



  • Through being involved and concentrating
  • Achieving what they set out to do
  • Keeping on trying


Playing and exploring

  •   Finding out through exploration
  •   Playing with what they know
  •   Being willing to “have a go”


Creating and thinking critically

  •  Having their own ideas
  •   Making links
  •   Choosing ways to do things

Our Early Years Approach:


At East Wichel we ensure learning opportunities that develop children's curiosity, motivation and critical thinking skills along with developing our school values of love, integrity, aspiration, appreciation and community. We work hard to provide children with a welcoming and rich learning environment that allows us to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through play.


In our Early Years classes, we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum through a topic based approach. Our topics are designed to excite and engage children, building on own interests and developing their experiences of the world around them. Our classes focus on a new story and theme per week or fortnight, which link to the overarching topic for each term. We then engage and immerse the children in the story/ theme through songs and weekly challenges. Our weekly challenges link directly to children's prior learning and assessment and therefore enables us to support and challenge children based on their individual next steps. 


We support the children to develop fundamental skills,  knowledge and understanding through offering a range of experiences including Welly Walks, cooking, visitors and trips. We believe that children learn best when their play is child-led, creative, messy and involves the outdoors, therefore we provide the children with lots of different experiences and mediums for the children to play with. We apologise now if they come home a little messy, but this just shows the fun that they have shared and the rich learning they have experienced.


Our Maths is taught through daily Magic Maths. We incorporate lots of songs and movement into our daily Maths. Magic Maths revises learning daily to ensure learning is stored in long-term memory. 


Our Nursery phonics is taught through Phase 1 Letters and Sounds. This incorporates lots of songs and games. We ensure the learning is engaging and fun... as far as the children are aware we are singing and playing. But really we are teaching fundamental speaking and listening skills as well as pre-reading and writing skills. The Nursery mark-making is taught through the Squiggle Whilst your Wiggle programme. 


Our Reception phonics is taught through the Read Write Inc scheme of work. 


We strongly believe in the power of stories and rhymes, therefore we ensure that all of our children have a daily story-time session and songs and rhymes are weaved in throughout our day. 

Our play-based curriculum develops a curiosity and love of learning by:


  • Carefully planning sequences of activities that provide meaningful learning experiences, developing each child’s characteristics of learning.


  • Providing high quality interactions with adults that demonstrate and impact on the progress of all children.


  • Using high quality questioning and interactions to check understanding and address misconceptions.


  • Staff acting as role models to the children they teach in order for children to develop their own skills


  • Carefully assessing, through observations, which are recorded on Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) and shared with parents. These are used to inform the next steps of learning and meet individual needs.


  • Developing an effective and engaging environment that is set up so that children can access all areas of learning both inside and outside at any one time.


  • Providing activity starting points for child initiated activities that enhance children’s learning and impact on progress.


  • Allowing children to be successful in their attempts at an activity and using effective feedback to help facilitate next steps in learning


  • Suggesting home learning opportunities with information about what has been taught, allowing parents to build on their child’s school experiences, at home.

Meet Our Team

My name is Mrs Biddiscombe and I am the Foundation Stage Leader. This means that I am the leader of the school Nursery and also our two fabulous Reception classes. I currently teach in one of our Reception classes.

Our Nursery Team

Our Reception Team