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Remote Learning Policy

East Wichel Remote Learning  Policy


During the Covid-19 pandemic, East Wichel Primary School may expect some disruption to the school routine by individual pupil, class, part school or whole school closure.

This policy outlines East Wichel Primary School’s remote learning expectations for all pupils, parents and the school in compliance with the Government guidance.

Expectations of the school

  • Teachers will ensure pupils learning remotely have access to the same quality of education by ensuring they are taught the same curriculum as those in school.
  • All children will be given login access to Class Dojo, Microsoft Teams and other relevant online learning tools.
  • Teachers will post each day’s timetable for the completion of tasks on Class Dojo, which will state specific timings for each activity in line with the Government guidance.
  • Teachers will post daily or weekly tasks (as appropriate) on Class Dojo in one PDF document.
  • If a whole bubble or school have to isolate, teachers will hold a weekly live class assembly on Microsoft Teams in order to provide pastoral support and clarify expectations for the week.
  • Teachers or Teaching Assistants will give daily feedback to children’s work on Class Dojo and provide adequate support.
  • Teachers will post daily teaching videos or do live lessons in core subjects such as Maths, Writing and Reading.
  • Children with special educational needs will be given personalised tasks and 1:1 support via Microsoft Teams.
  • Teachers will be accessible on Class Dojo should parents have questions or need some support.
  • The school will loan ipads or chrome books to families who do not have access to a device for remote learning.
  • The school office phone lines will remain open to parents for enquiries and queries during school hours only.


Expectations of pupils and parents

  • If fit and well, pupils must complete all daily tasks
  • Pupils have the right to ask for help with any work they struggled with.
  • If fit and well, pupils are required to attend all relevant Teams meeting.
  • If fit and well, pupils are expected to watch all teaching videos.
  • Parents are required to support their child with setting routines by following the daily timetable set by their teacher.
  • If a child does not have access to a device, it is the parents’ responsibility to report this to the school.
  • Complaints about a member of staff must be communicated via the school office by sending an email or phone call. This is not to be done via Class Dojo.
  • Parents must ensure all communication with staff on Class Dojo are kind and respectful.
  • Pupils must ensure their comments to posts on Class Dojo are purposeful, kind and respectful to staff and their peers.
  • Pupils must be contactable throughout the school day
  • Parents must make the school aware if their child is unwell and as a result, can’t complete work.
  • Parents must make the school aware if their child or a member of the family have tested positive for Covid19.